Mihai, the photographer

Born in Timisoara and living in Antwerp for the past decade, I’m passioned about everything that has to do with imagery. So it came as little surprise that photography became my obsession after finishing my thesis on computer vision in 2012.

I love low-light, long exposure and wide angle photography that sits just beyond the border of what our eyes can see, a feeling I try to convey through my works. I can spend hours waiting to get the perfect shot, testing the patience of my companions and friends in the process.

While cityscapes remain my first love, being connected to memories from the streets and rooftops of Singapore, Dubai or London, my interest for landscape photography has sparked after visiting the fantastic landscapes of Isle of Skye in Scotland and Death Valley in California.

I’ll be happy to hear from you, so head to the Contact page and drop me a message for any questions related to collaboration, prints, licensing etc.